“Project “f”: The creation of something beautiful”


We have initiated a development strategy and a product development for the “Gualdo del Re” winery that focuses on generating new customers and market segments.
In order to reach new target groups, we have expanded the targeting framework and defined new messages to emphasize the advantages of the products for this special segment. This is not only an upselling to existing customers, but also aims above all to win consumers outside the wine trade. For this, we have focused together on a luxury product strategy that should appeal to new consumers. This is thanks to the co-partnership with the Venetian glassblower Carlo Moretti in Murano, admired for their excellence, who are both artisans and artists — and whose technical skills enable them to realize their aesthetic visions themselves.

The goal, l’Objet du Désire

It took three things to develop the Object du Désire.
One of the best Italian wine producers, an award-winning oenologist and a Venetian glass-blowing manufacturer famous for his works.

Nico Rossi and “Guarda del Re” are synonyms for excellent Merlot wines. The area of ​​the Val di Cornia, located in the middle of Maremma, already offers the ideal conditions for the cultivation of wine due to the excellent soils combined with the climatic conditions. The quality of the grapes was optimized at the expense of quantity through strict yield regulation in the vineyard.

During the 24-month vinification, the oenologist Barbara Tamburini, who received her doctorate as “Regina del Merlot”, lived up to her reputation as a Tuscan alchemist and made a wine from the first-class fruits, which compares to famous pure Merlot’s like “Petrus” and “Masseto” need not be shy.

The work of art made of glass, reminiscent of the only Italian wine bottle, the fiasco that encloses this precious drop, is an oeuvre by the Venetian glassblower Carlo Moretti in Murano, who was admired for her excellence. The “soffitatori del vetro” literally breathed new life into this noble quotation from a traditional “fiasco”, the raffia-coated, bulbous bottle of the Italian wine “Chianti”. One of the secrets of Venetian glassblowing art is the combination of liquid glass of different colors and structures in a single blowing process. Free of prefabricated stencils, only supported on the outside by a carved shape, almost identical unique pieces are blown in three colors, fantastically beautiful, and yet — thanks to an unusual glass thickness — as stable and resilient as machine-made pressed glass.

“F” is still young, his curriculum of memories is still short, but he carries an opulent spectrum of seductions in his genome, so to speak. “F” emerged from the fusion of the art of two centuries-old, Italian and grandly perfected craftsmanship: noble Tuscan wine growing and legendary Venetian glassblowing.

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The press conference:

The press conference took place at Andrea Aprea’s Vun, in the 5-star luxury park Hyatt. He and Nico Rossi co-hosted the presentation of the “Porgetto F”. The location is prestigious and cosmopolitan, the chic atmosphere, the furnishings and the Italian cuisine, which, as the chef explains, is “contemporary” and looks to the future without ever forgetting the origins, was the perfect stage for the carefully selected wine critic.

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