CYRUS Statement of Independence

La Maison Cyrus is an independent watch company with it`s own Manufacture, Cyrus is a master of it`s own destiny. It benefits from this strong autonomy that enables it to follow a path focused on innovation and originality. Family owned, situated in Le Locle, in the heart of the Swiss watch making region, Cyrus uses it`s know how to plan, design, build own movements, test and assemble their own, individuall created watches.The company is committed to demonstrating that Haute Horlogerie can be both original and different without compromising in any way on quality and respect for tradition.

Cyrus key objective is to be a dynamic, modern company with the courage to take the risks required when looking to the future. With this in mind, Cyrus successfully produces timepieces of extraordinary comfort, striking a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.Cyrus is owned by the Richard family. Perhaps a quote by Dr. Pablo Richard sums it up best:

«Success is never a forced thing. Success is the result of work you really love.»

Cyrus collaborates with Jean-Francois Mojon, Founder and owner of Chronode SA and one of the most famous and renown horological idea accelerators.Chronode, or better, Jean-Francois Mojon, is behind some of the world’s most recognizable Haute Horology pieces including the MB&F Legacy Machine 1 and 2, Harry Winston Opus X, and HYT H1, just to name a few. And now he will work on something entirely new, a project that combines two ultimate pieces of technology. More about this later.

As one measure to reposition the Cyrus Brand, Team Cosmo came up with an idea, that puts Cyrus where it belongs – a top place amongst the most prestigious and expensive watches of the world. Creating at the same time a new name for this segment: the Hyperwatch. That features innovation as much as fascination. Precision and high technological knowhow is the common denominator of the brand.